The Importance of Prompt Treatment for Eye Emergencies

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The Importance of Prompt Treatment for Eye Emergencies


The Importance of Prompt Treatment for Eye Emergencies


The Importance of Prompt Treatment for Eye Emergencies

Eye injuries cover various conditions and incidents. An eye emergency can be due to an impact injury or burn in the eye area. It can also occur when chemicals or foreign objects get into the eye. Contact your eye doctor immediately if you experience eye redness, pain, or swelling. Without prompt treatment, an eye injury or damage can lead to vision loss or permanent blindness. 


Symptoms of Eye Emergencies 


Symptoms of eye emergencies will depend on the type of injury. If you experience any of the symptoms below, get emergency care. They include:

  • Sudden loss of vision

  • Eye pain

  • Bruising or bleeding in the eye

  • Eye stinging or burning

  • One eye not moving like the other one

  • Pupils of different sizes

  • Reduced vision.

  • Double vision

  • Eye redness and irritation

  • Bulging eye or eye sticking out

  • Extreme light sensitivity

  • Discharge from the eye

  • Severe itching

If you experience severe or new headaches, sudden vision loss, or an eye injury, visit an emergency or urgent care center. 


How Not to Deal With Eye Injuries

It is crucial to realize that eye injuries can have severe consequences. Do not attempt to heal yourself, as it could worsen the situation. You should avoid:

  • Rubbing or applying pressure to the eye

  • Applying medications or ointments to the eye

  • Trying to remove an object stuck in the eye

  • Using tools or tweezers in the eye

If you are wearing contact lenses, attempting to remove the lens can worsen the injury. Wait until you get to the emergency room for proper removal. The lens may come out if you flush your eye to remove chemicals. 


Prompt Treatment for Eye Emergencies


The best action to take in an eye emergency is to get immediate treatment. How soon you get to the eye doctor can mean saving or losing your eyesight. If you get chemicals in your eye, use clean water to flush the eye. 

Turn your head to the side, with the injured eye down, and let the water run through for 15 minutes. Get to the emergency room as fast as possible. If you can, keep flushing your eye while on your way.


Foreign Objects in the Eye


If a foreign object enters your eye, it can irritate you, but you should avoid rubbing the eye. Try to blink to see if you can shift the object. Make sure that your hands are clean before you touch your eye. 

Pull down your lower lid, and if possible, use a cotton swab to remove the object. If it is stuck, get to the emergency room. If a large metal, glass, or wood object is stuck in your eye, do not attempt to pull it out. Leave it in place while you get to the emergency room. 


Scratches, Cuts, and Bruises


You can try to stop the bleeding if you have scratches, cuts, or bruises around the eye. Use a clean cloth or gauze and apply a loose bandage to the area. Avoid applying pressure and get to the emergency room as soon as possible. Getting immediate care can reduce the risk of severe complications. 

For more on the importance of prompt treatment for eye emergencies, visit North Georgia Eye Care at our office in Winder, Georgia. Call (770) 867-1913 to book an appointment today.

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