Why Scleral Lenses Might Be the Solution to Your Dry Eye Woes

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Why Scleral Lenses Might Be the Solution to Your Dry Eye Woes


Why Scleral Lenses Might Be the Solution to Your Dry Eye Woes


Why Scleral Lenses Might Be the Solution to Your Dry Eye Woes

If you suffer from dry eye syndrome, your eye doctor can recommend treatments to reduce symptoms and improve eye comfort. The doctor will consider the underlying cause and severity of the disease when recommending treatment. People who wear contact lenses have an increased risk of developing chronic dry eye. New lens designs in the form of scleral lenses can relieve eye dryness. 


They Protect the Cornea


Unlike conventional contacts, scleral lenses do not sit directly on the cornea, preventing them from irritating the eye surface. Conventional lenses can be uncomfortable for people susceptible to dry eye. 

They soak up eye moisture, leaving the surface dry and uncomfortable. Wearing regular contact lenses can be unbearable for dry eye patients. Scleral lenses vault over the cornea to rest on the white of the eye (sclera). They do not touch the cornea, reducing irritation. 


Providing Constant Hydration


Reduced tear production is a major cause of chronic dry eye. The scleral lens design allows the eyes to remain constantly hydrated. The space between the lens and the eye surface creates a “bowl” that holds the saline solution. 

The solution provides hydration, a relief source for dry eye patients. Adding artificial tears and an antibiotic before inserting the lenses helps lubricate the eyes and promotes ocular surface healing. 


Protecting the Cornea


Dry eye syndrome makes the eye extremely sensitive, leaving the corneas more susceptible to injury. Many dry eye patients suffer cornea injuries that can lead to scarring. The simple act of blinking can irritate the eye surface through eyelid friction on the cornea. Scleral lenses create a shield between the eyelid and the eye surface. It also protects the eye surface from environmental factors such as debris, dust, and wind that can cause further damage. 


Improve the Eyes’ Appearance


People with dry eye syndrome usually have unhealthy-looking red eyes. Eye redness is a common symptom worsened by insufficient hydration or constant irritation, especially when wearing contacts. Scleral lenses act as a shield that protects the eye’s surface. The therapeutic role they play helps keep the eyes healthy. The lenses allow the eyes to regain their healthy appearance. 


Continue Using Eye Drops


Scleral lenses allow contact lens users to continue using artificial tears or eye drops to keep the eyes lubricated. It can reduce chronic dry eye symptoms, providing long-lasting relief. Encouragingly, many patients find they do not need to use eye drops frequently when wearing scleral lenses. 

Most people use eyedrops in the evening after removing their lenses. Scleral lenses are ideal for individuals with irregular corneas and refractive errors such as astigmatism. The specialized lenses help people with dry eye syndrome. 

They are customized to reduce symptoms and provide comfort, improving the patient’s quality of life. They reduce pain and discomfort while providing crisp and clear vision. The lenses are durable and easier to handle than regular soft lenses. 

For more on why scleral lenses might be the solution to your dry eye woes, visit North Georgia Eye Care at our Winder, Georgia, office. Call (770) 867-1913 to schedule an appointment today. 

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